Pledge 1200

Up to $1,239,600 pledged by people in 45 states

Not a donation. A commitment to doing good.


Small businesses employ half the private workforce in the United States. Small businesses and their employees are suffering the most devastating economic impacts from the Coronavirus.

As part of the United States government’s fiscal stimulus plan, most Americans will receive $1,200 cash. Pledge 1200 encourages Americans to spend this money at small businesses, where it matters most, in order to safeguard our local businesses, their employees, and our communities.

By the numbers

Small businesses “employ about 60 million Americans, or nearly half the private workforce.”

Wall Street Journal, March 21st, 2020

The average small business in the United States lacks the cash on hand to cover a month of expenses if its revenues are completely disrupted.

JPMorgan Chase Institute

What to do


The United States Government is sending most Americans a cash payment as part of the largest fiscal stimulus policy in United States history.


Use your cash payment to make purchases from your favorite local small businesses, either in store, online, or through social media.


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To learn more about Pledge 1200, please email info@pledge1200.org or find us on social media @pledge1200.