Pledge 1200 was launched with the idea that big change starts with helping small businesses and their employees.


The federal government is issuing direct cash payments to most Americans making under $100,000 annually as part of the largest fiscal stimulus plan in the history of the United States. People making under $75,000 will receive a check for $1,200 on average.

For many, this money is necessary and will go towards paying rent or buying groceries. For those who are able, this money is best spent at small businesses that are suffering the most drastic economic impacts of the Coronavirus. Small businesses employ our friends and neighbors. These businesses and their employees are part of our community.

Why it works

As the Coronavirus has affected our economy, small businesses and their employees have been hit hardest. The closure of even one business sets off a chain reaction of economic devastation across suppliers and vendors. At every step of the way, employees are laid off. Reversing the economic impacts starts with supporting small businesses and their employees and setting off a positive economic chain reaction.

A note on supporting safely

Social distancing is the most important thing people can do to stop the spread of Coronavirus, and in no way does this pledge take priority over the health and well-being of others. Refer to the CDC for preventing the spread and follow all government-imposed requirements when supporting small businesses.

Some businesses are required to temporarily close during this time; however, many of them still maintain an online presence where you can make purchases. Additionally, consider finding a local small business on social media and purchasing a gift card, then spend the money when the shop reopens.

Understandably, we won’t be able to shop normally at some of our favorite stores, but with some creativity, we can support the businesses that need it most.

Join others. Take the pledge.

Pledge 1200 was founded by recent alumni of the University of Washington Foster School of Business in order to call attention to the economic stress small businesses are facing in today’s crisis. We have since had a recent Washington State University graduate join our team. So far, we’re getting along.

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